Auto Italia is committed to delivering participatory and non-didactic models for creative learning, promoting meaningful, inclusive and engaging experiences through our Young Artists Programme, Volunteer Forum, and Art / Work Association. These programmes provide skills training, progression mentoring and professional development opportunities for a range of younger audiences, both local and national.

We achieve this by bringing artists and audiences together to create meaningful learning opportunities that are directed by the voices in our community. This is delivered by Auto Italia’s core artistic staff and by artists who are part of our programme of exhibitions and live events. For participants, these programmes provide opportunities to experience the production of cutting-edge artwork by international artists and aims to dismantle barriers to access and support in contemporary art by connecting participants with international creative networks.

The Young Artists Programme is for young people aged 14 to 18 who live in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Volunteer Forum offers behind the scenes gallery experience for higher education students aged 18 and over. Art / Work Association is an open-ended forum and community resource for early-career artists and creative workers. All of these opportunities are free.