Auto Italia supports and hosts Art/ Work Association, a peer forum of over 400 early-career artists and creative workers. Members of A/WA generate an ongoing programme of talks, screenings, seminars, reading groups, workshops and critical feedback sessions, conceived as a platform for artist-led learning.

The forum is free to join and open to practitioners within 5 years of graduation. Members gain support through self-organised learning, critical dialogue and access to a proactive network of early-career artists living and working in London. Sessions take place once the first Tuesday of the month and are hosted at the artist-led organisation Auto Italia.

Joining A/WA offers access to a monthly newsletter through which members receive regular updates on upcoming sessions in the programme. All sessions are free to attend and members can choose which sessions they want to participate in.

Since 2013, learning opportunities have been delivered by artists, curators and writers including Oreet Ashery, Simon Bedwell, Shu Lea Cheang, Elaine Constantine, Cécile B Evans, Ed Fornieles, Mark Fisher, Evan Ifekoya, Shama Khanna, Mark Leckey, Huw Lemmey, Eric Pussyboy, Jenna Sutela, Christopher Kulendran Thomas and Catherine Wood amongst others.

More information on Art/ Work Association’s programme and how to join can be found on the organisation’s mini-site: