Auto Italia, London, 21 October 2019 — 23 October 2019
Alexa Karolinski & Ingo Niermann, Oceano de amor, HD video, colour, sound, 95 min, 2019.

Come and take in a series of art and technology workshops organised in conjunction with our new exhibition Army of Love. In these sessions we will be exploring acting and theatre techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed. These workshops are drawn from a school of theatre-making in Brazil by Augusto Boal, the Brazilian theatre-maker, theorist and activist. They offer theatre as a tool for liberation and empowerment for people. In the workshops participants will create images and films inspired by the films Army of Love and Oceano de Amor.

Workshops are open to young people ages 14 – 18 interested in art and design. More information on our offer for younger audiences is available on our website on the Young Artists Programme page.

These workshops have been made possible with the support of The National Lottery Community Fund, Tower Hamlets Art and Music Education Services and Tower Hamlets Council Local Community Fund 2019-23. Young Artists Programme is delivered in collaboration with Black Shuck.