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I am not American (I love Adrian, I miss Carolee, I follow Hannah)

14 Jan 2022 — 06 Mar 2022
Auto Italia presents I am not American (I love Adrian, I miss Carolee, I follow Hannah), an exhibition by Sands Murray-Wassink. The exhibition brings together an expansive collection of paintings, photography, writing and ephemera created between 1993–2021 as part of Murray-Wassink’s ongoing explorations of gender, mental health and sexuality.
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In Conversation: Sands Murray-Wassink and Rory Pilgrim

20 Jan 2022   |   19:00 — 20:30
An online discussion between artists Rory Pilgrim and Sands Murray-Wassink organised on the occasion of the exhibition I am not American (I love Adrian, I miss Carolee, I follow Hannah).

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A Guest of Honour

09 Feb 2022   |   19:00 — 20:00
A Guest of Honour is a new operatic performance and recomposition of an opera of the same name by artist Harilay Rabenjamina.
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Debris in a Skin-Tight Corset

05 Mar 2022   |   18:00 — 19:00
In a duet with the multidisciplinary artist Rory Pilgrim, choreographer and visual artist Cassie Augusta Jørgensen explores the origins of classical ballet.
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