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Collecting Dissonance

21 May 2021 — 22 Aug 2021
Collecting Dissonance is a newly commissioned exhibition of sculpture, image and garment works by the New York collective and label CFGNY. The exhibition explores how personal and collective intimacies, relationships and agencies have been reshaped by the instability caused by the ongoing pandemic, and the consequent heightening of power differentials along the lines of class and race.
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CFGNY x Montez Press Radio

28 Jul 2021   |   14:00 — 00:00
A day-long broadcast of new discussions and music led by CFGNY and their wider community of friends, family and collaborators.

Patrons Programme

Auto Italia invites you to join our Member and Exhibitions Circle programmes to invest in our community of artists and directly support our programme of exhibitions and live events.
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Collecting Dissonance: DON’T BE MAD AT ME AS I AM THAT CUTE 🐾 by Shanzhai Lyric

09 Jul 2021
Artist and research duo Shanzhai Lyric (Ming Lin and Alexandra Tatarsky) explore the ongoing aesthetic investigations of CFGNY, including cultural slipperiness, queerness and cliché.⁠

Young Artists Programme

Our free to access digital art workshops, local gallery tours and higher education progression mentoring for young people ages 14 to 18 in Tower Hamlets.
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Collecting Dissonance: Changing Lines by Sarah Shin

18 Jun 2021
A new text work by Sarah Shin which traverses the topography of diaspora, the Japanese legend of the utsuro-bune and the work of artist Lee Bul.
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Collecting Dissonance: Vaguely, Authentically, and Ubiquitously Asian by Hentyle Yapp

28 May 2021
Writer and lecturer Hentyle Yapp explores the notion of 'vague Asianness' a term and nebulous aesthetic category employed by CFGNY in their work.