Truth Futurism, 2016, Metahaven. Installation view as part of Information Skies, 2016, Auto Italia, London. Photography: Corey Bartle-Sanderson.

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Member: £200 per year or £16.66 by monthly direct debit
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“Auto Italia presented me with an inspiring opportunity to realise a performative work in a very ambitious way. It enabled my work to come to the attention of an audience it wouldn’t have met otherwise, and led to a number of other great showcasing opportunities for me, as well as laying the foundations for some of the key themes in my work.” – Eddie Peake, Artist and Founding Patron

“Auto Italia’s alertness to the changing forms of politics, discourse and, consequently, ways of making is always one step ahead, making them a crucial anchor through our times – for artists and for everyone who cares about forming new dialogues, relationships and ways of (re)thinking the arts – always attentive, always welcoming, always compelling. We need them!” — Heather Phillipson, Artist Patron

“Auto Italia’s work highlights questions about the complexities of living and working as an artist in London at this moment in time. Their work is essential to a community who may be struggling to find ways to survive in an otherwise hostile economic environment.” — Catherine Wood, Curator of International Art (Performance) and Founding Patron