1. Members of the 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous (1942)
  2. Music for the Movements, George Gurdjieff (1919)
  3. Human Potential Movement, Paul Bindrim, a nude encounter group therapy session at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California (1968)
  4. Girl Scouts of the Philippines (2014)
  5. Head of Mind Control, Jack Gariss leading a group session connected via bioscope machines (1960s)
  6. Organized crime in Australia, mug shot (1921)
  7. Training for the Soviet Air Army (1965)
  8. ‪Alexander Lowen, MD, Bio-energetic group workshop (1980)‬
  9. 900-member mass suicide, The People’s Temple cult led by Reverend Jim Jones, Jonestown, Guyana (1978)
  10. Journey into Self, a group therapy session with Dr. Carl Rogers (1967)
  11. Encounter group therapy Big Sur, California (1968)