Auto Italia, London, 13 August 2010 — 15 August 2010
Bill Aitchison, Ruth Angel Edwards, Bitches, Darren Banks, Former Bullies, Male Bonding, Mitchell Bridges, Rachal Bradley, Tristram Bellotti, Charles Chintzer Lai, Chora, Cleckhuddersfax, Covergirl, Julia Crabtree, Peter Caul, Robert Carter, Rosie Cooper, Danielle Dean, New Display Strategies, Studio Downturn, James Early, William Evans, Family, Gentle Friendly, Tqqundo Frrrr, Veronica Falls, Golden Grrrls, Manuela Gernedel, Ghost Hunter, Human Hair, Katie Horwich, The Haxan Cloak, The Human Race, Islet, Jelas, Chris King, Klaus Kinski, Morag Keil, La La Vasquez, Lovvers, Lulu Li, Amy McDonough, Dam Mantle, Lois Macdonald, Munch Munch, Fair Ohs, Kristina O'Donnell, Eddie Peake, Gold Pumas, Katrina Palmer, Lucky PDF, Paul Pieroni, Please, Plug, Yuri Pattison, Runners, Alec Steadman, Blood Stereo, Daniel Swan, Frances Scott, Grace Schofield, Paul Simon Richards, Slowcoaches, Lorenzo Tebano, School Tour, Temperatures, Time, Ultimate Thrush, Way Through, Charlie Woolley, Hype Williams, No Womb, Two Wings and Waiters

Auto Italia team up with Upset the Rhythm, London’s premier independent music promoter and record label, for YES WAY a celebration of new, alternative and emerging music and art scenes from throughout the UK. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural, sold out event, from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th August YES WAY will see 41 bands, representing the length and breadth of the British Isles, perform over 2 stages, alongside collaborations, stage designs and specially commissioned work from over 30 artists.

The 3 day event will see the bands from Upset the Rhythm’s line up performing amongst artworks, from a soap opera that simultaneously deals with choreography, sculpture and football to stage sets referencing Russian Constructivist theatre design. Bold colour fields representing advertising and pornography will appear alongside sculptures that celebrate and depict imagined interactions between the different groups involved. Selected bands will even be kitted out in huge, specially designed capes that will harness all the worlds energy.

LuckyPDF set up their own TV station opening the festival up to an online audience, transmitting live throughout the weekend. There is also a temporary supermarket, specially constructed to sell records, fanzines, publications, Upset the Rhythm merchandise, counterfeit t-shirts and a selection of material from alternative project spaces around the UK.

YES WAY is an expression of independence, creating a context outside of the commercial scene and reinforcing the DIY, self-supporting system that characterises both the musicians and artists involved. This project is part of an ongoing relationship between Auto Italia and Upset The Rhythm – two organisations that are dedicated to supporting new and alternative cultural production, and cultivating the often-ignored kinship between the art and music worlds.