Auto Italia, London, 06 April 2018
Yun Ingrid Lee
WHITE PINK BROWN, 2018, Yun Ingrid Lee. Courtesy of the artist.

WHITE PINK BROWN is the first public moment in the UK for a series of performance lectures by artist and composer Yun Ingrid Lee. The series explores the implications of regulatory systems implicit within the algorithms of biometric technology, and their context within a lineage of audio-visual systems employed to manage, manipulate, and in some instances, erase bodies.

WHITE PINK BROWN will take shape through two performance lectures across the Auto Italia project space, involving live performance and audio works.

On Illegibility engages with identification politics in the development and use of biometric technology such as facial recognitions and fingerprint scanners. The lecture scrutinizes the algorithms that center certain bodies as a standard from which others are mere deviations and traces how biometrics ultimately shape definitions of what a human being is. This lecture unpacks the implications of being legible in the eyes of the state and society, and sides with the aesthetics and politics of illegible and fluid bodies and faces.

Loss, Dust, Noise connects a genealogy of sound recording technology and acoustics with the dissolution and reconfiguration of identities. The lecture focuses on how these elements relate to the breakdown of borders in favor of noise.

Yun Ingrid Lee is an artist, composer, and performer interested in failure, hybridity, and collective sensing. Yun’s work investigates histories and power relations in acoustic phenomena and different media technologies. Recent presentations of Yun’s work have included On Illegibility at Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam (2018), On Legibility at Witte de With Contemporary Art, Rotterdam (2017), Loss Dust Noise as part of Navigating Accelerationism Conference at Goldsmiths University, London (2016), and Das Rote Sprachror at Spinello Projects, Miami (2012). Yun was curator of the Paarden Eiland Concert series, Cape Town (2013), and is curator of the BARTALK lecture and performance series in The Hague (2015 – present).