Auto Italia, London, 05 December 2009
Federico Campagna, LuckyPDF and Theo Turpin

The Pleasure is All Mine is a project that pairs artist and writers in open-ended discussion and co-operative production. This process takes as it’s starting point an examination of the social grammar that structures us, looking to propose and develop alternatives. Writers from the publishing and translation group Through Europe have been teamed with artists selected by Peckham based project LuckyPDF.

This first public introduction to the project will demonstrate the process through the initial products of two collaborations. Robert Prouse and Seb Thomas will be constructing a scale model of the entire project as imagined  by the other participants in collectively produced narrative. The model will be built over the course of the day  with work continuing throughout the the event.

Federico Campanga and Theo Turpin each deliver a presentation on the work of the other in an attempt explain the basis of their work together and the core of the project as a whole. LuckyPDF is a artist-led project that has been operating in Peckham and beyond for the past 18 months. LuckyPDF is a banner around which people and projects can converge for their mutual benefit. Through Europe was founded in 2009 as a transeuropean and multilingual gallery of contemporary writers. Through Europe is a mosaic-platform of short fiction and political and philosophical essays.