Auto Italia, London, 09 May 2008 — 17 May 2008
Richard John Jones, Eats Tapes and Crystal Vision
Digital StillCamera
Digital StillCamera
Digital StillCamera

From the 9th May Auto Italia will be closed over the duration of Richard John Jones’ solo exhibition for a stocktake. Employing a model of total exclusivity all artistic work will occur privately with the gallery staff and a handful of invited guests. During the course of the exhibition a Sale shop will be made to shift Auto Italia’s assets, and an archive constructed for museological reasons. Throughout the process Richard John Jones will be auditing and exploring the creation and circulation of value that occurs within self-supporting art micro-systems like auto-italia and attempting to transverse the largely inaccessible relationships between the real and fictional that occur through the instrumentalisation of young artists.

Metaphorising Michael Asher’s work from 1974 where the wall between the gallery and office was removed at The Claire Copley gallery in LA, the non-show will explore what boundaries exist within the space and what spectre’s lurk in Auto Italia’s secret agreement with its socio-economic historical genesis and its association with the ever-ambiguous title “artist-run space”. We look forward to seeing you at the opening of the Sale Shop – where we are offering an awesome 10% discount and free Champagne – it’ll be a perfect time to initiate your fledgling but tasteful collection of some of the most exciting international hopefuls in Art, Design and Music.

On offer at a staggering 10% discount are exclusive products:
-£10,000 Gif image designed by Digital Arts Distribution
-travel kettles signed by queen of fashion Anna Wintour
-The Worlds Most Expensive carrier bag designed by Item Idem (£5)
-Videos and Music from Chicago duo
-Music from Dietch project’s Philllip
-A small preview of Rebecca Zehr’s (ex-Hussain Chalayan) new fashion line due to be launched later this year
-Exclusive shop-launch poster by Portland’s E*rock (the guy who made Gossip’s “Standing In The Way Of Control” Video)
-Videos from Martine Borge
-Exculsive mix-tapes and music from the Video Hippos, Eats Tapes, Assacre, Lucky Dragons, Upset The Rhythm
-luxury items from Reid Peppard, Jack George, Josh Love, Dan White, John Hill, Simon Leahy and many more trinkets and jewels from the West’s most creative artists, designers, musicians and thinkers…