Firstdraft, Sydney, 27 March 2017 — 01 April 2017
Holly Childs, Linda Dement, Angela Goh, Mette Hammer Juhl, Pablo Jones-Soler, Spence Messih, Bhenji Ra, Victoria Sin and Lorenzo Tebano
Rogue Agents, 2017. Courtesy of the artists.

Rogue Agents is a group project seeking to collectively uncover ideas around figures that can disrupt, subvert and redirect power. From historical and folkloric interpretations of witchcraft to bio-technologies and body hacking, Rogue Agents explores alternative models of being and desiring.

In collaboration with firstdraft, Rogue Agents (fore)cast disruptive new configurations for the codification of our future bodies, seeking agency in new modes of technological shapeshifting. Through image making, textiles production, and live music, Rogue Agents explored transgressive new possibilities for harnessing collective imagination to explore fictional, esoteric and latent modes of self-representation.

Climaxing into full augmentation—how might our subversive exchanges in digital and biomolecular data become weapons in a fight for the production of control, empathy and creativity in the future?

With special thanks to Kuba Dorabialski, Flora Grant, Georgina Gillman, Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Tesha Malott, Jade Muratore and Emily O’Connor for bringing it to life.

Rogue Agents Reading Group and Collective Banner Making Workshop
28 Mar 2017 — 29 Mar 2017

A workshop taking a range of texts as prompts for discussion, speculating and designing of new banner artworks.

Rogue Agents Live Night
01 Apr 2017, 18:00 — 21:30

This performative evening brings together music, performance and image-production to explore disaster and escape.