Auto Italia, London, 21 June 2009 — 05 July 2009
Darren Banks, Robert Bidder, Joseph Carter, Amanda Dennis, Danielle Dean, James Lewis, Neb Poulton and S/Z

Finding out by Experiment – You can do all these experiments with very simple apparatus. If you do them carefully, they should work first time. If you are not successful first do not be disappointed. Find out why; there is always a reason. They have solved their problem by trial and error, which is very much the way a scientist works in his laboratory. He thinks about a problem, tries to find the answer by experiment, and if he does not succeed he goes on trying different ways until his problem is solved. If one of your experiments does not work, find out why. Correct any fault you find, and try again.

Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries A Ladybird Junior Science Book by F.E. Newing (Author), et al. This exhibition could be described as a Show and Tell. Panda Malin-Head is an exhibition organised by Amanda Dennis and James Lewis, it aims to explore their own practice through bringing together pieces of work made by their friends, people they know and admire. The work has been chosen because there’s something alluring in it, which could be described as obscure, weird, illogical or quixotic.