Auto Italia, London, 19 May 2011
Birds of Delay and John Wiese
Matmos, 2011, Birds of Delay and John Wiese. Courtesy of the artists.

As part of an ongoing collaboration with record label and music promoter Upset The Rhythm, Auto Italia presented an evening of live performances from Matmos, John Wiese and Birds of Delay.

Matmos, the experimental music duo from San Francisco, perform in collaboration with J. Lesser. The pair, who started working together in the mid-1990’s  make music out of the sounds of objects, animals, people and actions using audio samples from plastic surgery operations to the sounds of saliva on a singer’s mouth. They work not only in music production but explore, through performance and collaboration the various social, political and economic contexts of sound. Matmos have an unusual and critical connection to sound, focussing on the content and potential of project based audio experimentation. This expanded interpretation of sound stretches their technical and theoretical expertise to a multitude of contexts with a huge variety of other collaborators and disciplines which includes the Kronos Quartet, Björk and Erase Errata. As well as performing they have taught seminars at Harvard, scored the soundtracks for five gay porn films, one pinball machine and even a NASCAR television commercial.

The event also features John Wiese, a solo artist and serial collaborator from Los Angeles. His ongoing projects include LHD and Sissy Spacek, he has toured extensively as a member of Sunn O))) and recently performed in the 52nd Venice Biennale with artist Nico Vascellari.

Support comes from the London/Berlin duo Birds of Delay. Brought together through a shared love of power electronics and noise bands the pair will be opening this evening of collaborative music. Upset The Rhythm have been creating their own community around DIY music since 2003. Through distributing artist’s work, releasing records and organising a formidable amount of weekly shows they have a proximity and commitment to the scene that has developed around them. They have been working with Auto Italia since 2009, co-producing YES WAY a festival celebrating grassroots music and art in the UK.

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Matmos Live At Auto Italia