Auto Italia, London, 09 March 2019
Ella Du Cane, Zoe Darling, Isabella Mongelli, Michail Novotny, Jakob Rockenschaub, Fabio Santacroce, Natalya Serkova, Romina Shama, SKKI and Edin Zenun

Delivered in collaboration with experimental Bari-based gallery space 63rd-77th STEPS and conceived by Fabio Santacroce as a restaging of the original project presented at FUTURA Prague in 2018, this new presentation at Auto Italia incorporates an integrated audio-video installation by Santacroce with text contributions from Zoe Darling, Ella Du Cane, Michail Novotny, Jakob Rockenschaub, Natalya Serkova, SKKI, Romina Shama, Isabella Mongelli and Edin Zenun.

These texts will elaborate on the work and retort to the title of the project as a prompt to engage with its inherent nihilism and irreversibility — materialising as personal interpretations dealing with notions of sentimentality, pop culture, idiosyncrasy, celebrations, irreversibility and hierarchies of power. Engaging with middlebrow aesthetics—some of these will be presented in the form of prints and decorations to be integrated into the main installation, and others will be read and performed during the evening by Zoe Darling, Ella Du Cane and Fabio Santacroce.

63rd-77th STEPS is a project space founded and run by the artist Fabio Santacroce in Bari, Italy. The name refers to the final part of a multi-floor staircase (the area between 63° and 77° step), inside a building from the beginning of the XX century in Bari. 63rd-77th STEPS strains and investigates the limits and potentialities of the periphery, redefining its spatial and temporal framework within a hyper-connected, hegemonic geography.