Auto Italia, London, 03 June 2016 — 24 July 2016
Aimar Arriola, Aktham Alwany, Alwany Ammar, Ammar Abdo, Milad Amin, Mujahid Abu Aljoud, Ziad Adwan, Philipp Borgers/Freifunk Berlin, Research Center for Proxy Politics, Brian Holmes, Ayaz Ismail, Hasan Kattan, Doreen Mende, Syria Mobile Film Festival, Laura Preston, PWR, Abd Quntar, Robert Rapoport, Hito Steyerl, Suzanne Treister, thricedotted and Nina Wiesnagrotzki

Hailweed is an exhibition bringing together artists, writers and collective agencies to investigate notions of dependency and parasitic potential within oppressive infrastructures whether emotional, financial or biopolitical.

The exhibition space will become a host for this set of wild (eco)systems; rethinking the use and abuse value of artistic exchange relationships in terms of sovereignty, identity, care and self-interest. Looking at new methodologies and modes of operation within dominant structures, Hailweed invites projects to create a space of overlapping, competitive and osmotic participants. At the heart, it is an investigation into the power dynamics and interest representations at play within different artistic relationships between both artists and institutions.

Special thanks to Sabel Gavaldon and Lois Stonock, Harry Allington-Wood, Canan Batur, Grant Billingham, Gene Borkoski, George Bularca, Stephanie Chang, Dominque Croshaw, Nisha Desai, Emily Dickinson, Esther Dillner, Jospeh Donohoe, Julius Griffin, Daisy Hodgson, Imo Jeffes, Poppy Moroney,  Tilly Shenstone, Roman Shepperd Dawson, Dani Smith, Holly Stenhouse and Gabriella de la Puente for bringing it to life.


Syria Mobile Film Festival
28 Jul 2016, 19:00 — 21:00

The first independent screening of this years Syria Mobile Film Festival, followed by a Q&A with Zaher Omareen and Lois Stonock.


Jeppe Ugelvig on Auto Italia's radical collaboration