Auto Italia, London, 18 October 2009, 19:00 — 20:00
Dean Kissick, Marcus Mitchell and Eszter Steierhoffer
entrance and underground: THE SEQUAL, 2009, Dean Kissick, Marcus Mitchell and Eszter Steierhoffer. Courtesy of the artists.

Auto Italia hosts entrance & underground: The Sequel, a temporary programme of performances, events, discussions and presentations from on-going projects by emerging artists.

entrance & underground: The Sequel is a playful interrogation of the notion of ‘theatricality’ in contemporary art exhibitions, and a revisitation a collaboration which took place at the Royal College of Art in March 2009. Entitled entrance & underground, this project invited three London-based artist run spaces (Auto Italia, Parade, Centre of The Centre of the Universe) to contribute to the Royal College of Art’s annual Curating Contemporary Art degree show. On the evening of 18 October, a revised edition of an original film produced for the first entrance & underground (entitled Lecture Theatre 2) will screen at Auto Italia, and will incorporate a range of reflections on the successes and failures of the original project from members of the various artist-run spaces who participated in the project’s first incarnation.

In addition to the film screening, a spectacular performance has been organised by cross-disciplinary artist Nazareno Crea at the behest of entrance & underground curator Dean Kissick. A professional motocross rider will perform stunts on a stage of polychromatic glitter, along to a musical soundtrack provided by a guest soprano from the Royal College of Music mashed together with ‘German nosebleed techno’.