Auto Italia, London, 05 September 2009 — 26 September 2009
Karl Burke, Alicia Frankovich, Candice Jacobs, Gereon Krebber, Ruth Proctor, Linda Quinlan and Berndnaut Smilde

I walk into the large open room, something occurs independently of volition or control. A certain muscular action, involuntary. I dig the heels of my hands hard into my eyes. Milky spots, pinpoints of light… A pinhole camera, erected at Lake St. Clair, Tasmania, constructed in an attempt to simulate a comet. A sculptural soundtrack, invisible spheres of sound, floating between a suspended ventilation system transforming the gallery’s air. A series of found objects, acted upon and left as a sort of carcass in the aftermath of the event. An assemblage of shimmering intentionality’s.

Automatic is a two-part international group show of works that confront and insinuate themselves with the viewer. Attempting to question what might be innate or instinctual, each artist works within our daily experiences that lie beyond conscious decisions. Automatic explores contemporary art practices of temporary consolidations, cumulative processes that condense before dispersing. Presenting work that stretches out to the viewer with an immediacy that points beyond itself, Automatic sketches out the persistent, ghostly sensory circuit between the artist, artwork and audience.

Curated by artist Gavin Murphy and curator and critic Chris Fite-Wassilak, Automatic opens at Auto Italia before reconfiguring in Dublin’s Pallas Contemporary Projects. A free publication with an essay by the curators will be available for the exhibition.