Auto Italia, London, 16 October 2010, 01:00 — 01:00
Lewis Bassett, Sarah Blaszczok, The Enlightenment Gallery, David Graeber, Marcus Galen Mitchell, Richard Houguez, Alan Kane, Kelly Large, Open Music Archive, Negociatas, Rachel Pimm, Arran Ridley, Daniel Swan, Giorgio Sadott, Lucy Stokton and Paul Simon Richards

Launching 9 October 2010, with the first broadcast taking place on 16 October, Auto Italia transforms into a functioning independent TV studio.  Showcasing new work from established and emerging artists, the weekly episodes present projects engaging with the traditions and contemporary forms of broadcast media. The programme looks at artistsʼ relationships to mainstream media and cultural programming, as well as the historic role of artists accessing and exploiting the format of TV as a platform to present work, projects and themselves.

The project celebrates artists who produce projects independently, creating their own audience and context within a larger network of media and culture.

Each episode is produced in front of a studio audience and streamed live over the internet. The gap between the audience in the space and those watching at home, combined with the tension between television’s analogue heritage and digital supersession is key to how each show comes together. The series also develops an ecology of independent artists and artist run spaces documenting the way in which artists are finding new ways for themselves and their work to exist within the current cultural conditions.

Departing from the focus on video art, its commercialisation and its theoretical reinvention as the black box within the white cube, the series places its emphasis on the greater relevance and cultural impact of artists dealing with expanded modes of production and distribution. Produced with artists who are working in contemporary networked and international contexts, this project will define a specific place and moment, while presenting multiple approaches to the presentation of information and the politics inherent in broadcast and televisual representation.