ICA, London, 09 June 2012, 01:00 — 01:00
Nathan Budzinski, Paul Becker, Robert Carter, Benedict Drew, o F F Love, Andrew Kerton, Leslie Kulesh, Huw Lemmey, Francesco Pedraglio, Lorenzo Tebano and Jess Wiesner

Working in collaboration with Auto Italia, artists developed new work for this one-off episode, engaging directly with the format of live television. This episode, commissioned by the ICA as part of the exhibition Remote Control, was broadcast live from the ICA Theatre on 9 June 2012.

Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession uses the techniques, characters and editing conventions of live television to explore our interaction with the flow of images that now invade our lives. Exploring the audience’s relationship with broadcast, this episode considers the possibility for a personal and autobiographical tone to be delivered in a context that alienates those onscreen from accurate self-representation. The manufactured set is the backdrop for actions, statements and performances that are commonplace in live TV production but rarely broadcast to viewers.

This project engages directly with contemporary broadcast culture as a space for new work and how physical communities use the Internet to distribute ideas. It aims to propose how artists can produce live broadcast work in collaboration and act as a unique place for artists to create their collective context and distribute their work.

Live screenings of Auto Italia LIVE were also hosted at Outpost Gallery, Norwich; Palais De Tokyo, Paris; The Public School, LA and Transmission Gallery, Glasgow.

In collaboration with Nikki Bevan, Giorgio Bosisio, Anna Brecon, Roderick Burrows, Nat Cary, Cristen Clague-Reading, Luke Collins, Theo Cook, Mette Juhl, Fran Hitchcock, Julia Innocenti, McDeath, Tim McFarland, Kate Molins, Celia Moodie, George Moustakas, Elly Nakajima, Francesca Pinna, Marta Poznanski (PANOPTICUM London), Radiance Audio, Sonia Rodriguez Serrano, Rebecca Root and Bernard Thompson.

With special thanks to Lauren Barnes, Marleen Boschen, Paul Crompton, Aoife Flynn, Cameron Foote, Tom Howse, Darius Lambert, Henry Petrides, Laurence Price and Matt Welch.