Auto Italia, London, 10 November 2008 — 30 November 2008
Curated by Zayne Armstrong featuring Olivier Castel, Sarah Elliott, Peggy Franck, Frederick Fuller, Lydia Gifford, Katie Guggenheim, Justin Jaeckle, Robin Kirsten, Ian Pedigo and Samuel Whittaker

A group show curated by Zayne Armstrong
Components of the Exhibition / Notes on these Components:

I invited these artists to make the same work twice, to be installed in two of the same exhibitions, shown simultaneously side by side. My motivation for inviting these particular artists comes primarily form the varied ways in which their work seems to deal with (and in) what might be considered ‘found’ materials, which seem to be used to oscillate about a kind of particular void or absence.

One artist, who is curating the show. In curating this show I am attempting to present a methodology employed in my solo artistic practice, as a means for organizing a group show. The installation of the ‘same works twice’ in a single exhibition I hope will create a structure which indicates that the content of these works does not reside in their (material form) but about it.

Performance of ‘Moving Between Two or More Points’ by Sarah Elliott, this is a performance, which will take place during the show.

A publication in two parts. This publication is made up of two parts – the first acts as an exhibition guide and will be available throughout the show, and the second part will contain essays written in response to the exhibition and will be available at the closing.

The first part of the publication. The first part of the publication is a selection of pre-existing texts chosen with the artist to stand in as an explanation of their work. I invited each of the artists to suggest excerpts from published texts and the final texts are then agreed upon by both the artist and myself.

The second part of the publication. I invited three different people to each write a critical response to this exhibition, during the exhibition – David Cook, Tommy Diamond and Richard John Jones – who write about, or in relation to art in what I understand to be three very different ways.