Auto Italia, London, 11 December 2011
Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski, Leah Gilliam, Women’s Independent Cinema House, Zeinabu Irene Davis, Huw Lemmey and Nina Wakeford

Huw Lemmey and Nina Wakeford present a selection of films which highlight the political stakes of the 1980s, when women’s relationships with technology and the world of work were addressed head on. The survey documents the variety of strategies used in political and personal engagements with the moving image, and have been chosen to challenge our relationship to the ‘unfinished business’ of feminism.

In Our Hands, Greenham, Tina Keane, UK, 1984, 40mins
Did I say Hairdressing? I meant Astrophysics, Leeds Animation Workshop, UK , 1998, 14mins.
A Question of Choice, Sheffield Film Co-op, UK, 1982, 18mins
Running Out of Patience, Serena Everill and Chris Brown, Australia, 1987, 40mins
Impulse, Ramona Metcalfe, UK, 1987, 1min

It’s like staring someone out who isn’t looking at you
A performative screening organised by Rachal Bradley, Kate Cooper, Leslie Kulesh and Jess Weisner.

A presentation of two film works representing transgendered people. The works explore a possibility to transform the film-making process to find new vocabularies that challenge the notion of the ‘universal’. The screening will be accompanied by two texts from Irene Revell (Cinenova Working Group) and an interview between Richard John Jones (Auto Italia), Michael Oswell and Terre Thaemlitz.

Norrie, Annette Kennerly, UK, 1997, 21mins
Transfiction, Johannes Sjoberg, Brazil, 2007, 57mins