Auto Italia, London, 25 August 2011, 13:00 — 14:00

As part of We Have Our Own Concept of Time and Motion: a four day event devoted to the idea and practice of self-organisation, join Free Association in a workshop exploring writing, collective reading and the notion of affinity.

Emerging from the ashes of Class War, Free Association is a collective of writers loosely based in Leeds. The group operates as a reading group, writing machine and affinity group. Free Association is a collective attempt to make sense of the world we find ourself in – and to act on that understanding.  Free Association explores notions of networks, having flexible definitions expanding and contracting to produce various articles and interventions throughout the years.

Free Association published their Anthology Moments of Excess in April, a collection of texts which offer an insider analysis of this cycle of counter-summit mobilisations. It weaves lucid descriptions of the intensity of collective action into a more sober reflection on the developing problematics of the ‘movement of movements’. The collection examines essential questions concerning the character of anti-capitalist movements, and the very meaning of movement; the relationship between intensive collective experiences – ‘moments of excess’ – and ‘everyday life’; and the tensions between open, all-inclusive, ‘constitutive’ practices, on the one hand, and the necessity of closure, limits and antagonism, on the other.