Auto Italia, London, 22 February 2018, 19:00 — 21:00
Caroline Heron, Chris Harvey and Martin Kohout

The event is the second in the public programme of Daylight Management, a sprawling network of artists, researchers, scientists, night-shift workers and union representatives initiated and led by artist Martin Kohout.

In this event, Dr. Chris Harvey of the Sleep and Circadian Neurosciences Institute (SCNi) at the University of Oxford will join Night Shifts producer, Caroline Heron to explore how contemporary sleep science is contributing to establishing a more positive experience for night time workers.

Since 2008 there has been a disproportionate rise in the number of people working nights across the UK. The highest increase has been seen in London, particularly in the areas of retail and warehousing as a result of trends in internet shopping and new logistics capabilities, and personal security and care as a result of an ageing population. Women account of two thirds of the recent rise, often in roles that are heavily gendered.

New knowledge generated around the functioning of our circadian rhythm and the negative effects of long and short term sleep disruption, highlight the need for additional support structures for those working nights.

The event will begin with a series of filmed interviews. These were conducted over 2017 with individuals in and around London who work or have worked night shifts. The interviews give a better understanding as to why they chose to work nights, how they experience the persistent fatigue brought on by this pattern of work, how it affects their relationships and any isolation felt and finally, and the attitudes they’ve met from employers.

The screening will be followed by a 40-minute presentation from Harvey on the SCNi’s research on night shift work and their ongoing workplace interventions followed by a Q&A led by Caroline Heron.

Dr Chris Harvey has a PhD in Psychological Medicine from the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on sleep and its relationship to the physiology and psychology of stress. He has contributed to multiple academic publications and journals including Sleep Medicine Reviews, Oxford University Press and Psycho-Oncology, and currently works with the Sleep and Circadian Neurosciences Institute (SCNi) at the University of Oxford.

Caroline Heron is a producer living and working in London. She is managing editor at independent editorial platform AQNB, where she produced the Night Shifts project in collaboration with the Sleep & Circadian Neuroscience Institute in Oxford. She also produced Martin Kohout’s film Slides (2017) in collaboration with AQNB, and set up Video in Common (2012) while in her role as General Manager of Mute Publishing.