The Royal Standard, Liverpool, 18 July 2015
Erica Scourti

Delete, restart, regret, change, fight, feel, hope: in this workshop of clearing, sharing and reflecting on how to care for ourselves and others, embroidered micro-fibre cloths act as both electronic device cleaning aids, and as prompts for a conversation about the ongoing labour of self-maintenance and survival. Responses to each prompt take the form of a screenshot, shared with the group if desired, and printed out afterwards for displaying in the exhibition.

An experiment in efficiency and time-keeping: 2 hours to write up some ideas & quotes relating to the device-cleaning workshop I ran as part of On Coping: A Reading for Liverpool. Screenshots I took while writing are presented along with screenshots people sent me during the workshop, responding to the words on their cleaning cloths and more generally to our discussion around maintenance (digital, sanity and otherwise), storage, over-load and other fatigues.