Auto Italia, London, 24 June 2018, 16:00 — 18:00
Ruth Angel Edwards, Adam Gallagher and Curtly Thomas

Join us for a newly commissioned audio-visual performance staged in the final two hours our current exhibition Words fail me, by artists Adam Gallagher, Curtly Thomas and Ruth Angel Edwards. The choreographed performance will transform the installation into a stage in which individual sculptures will take on new roles, shifting to portray complex range of approximations, representations and subjectivities.

The performance will draw from research on carnival mythologies and ‘creepypasta’ online games that blur the boundaries between reality and fiction. It will use the idea of ‘culture jamming’ to examine forms of appropriation across countercultural histories in performance and music. At the end of the performance the sculptures will be removed from the gallery. Audiences will be invited to travel to Burgess Park, Peckham, where the sculptures will be driven and the performance will end with their burning as effigies.

Ruth Angel Edwards is a multimedia artist whose work explores the communication of ideology through pop culture, drawing from mainstream and subcultural youth movements both past and present. Recent exhibitions and projects include Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham (2018), Almanac, Turin (2017), Auto Italia, London (2017), Arcadia Missa, London (2016), The Residence Gallery, London (2016), Human Resources, Los Angeles (2016), and MEYOHAS, New York (2015).

Adam Gallagher is an artist and writer. He self-publishes a series of critical pamphlets titled ‘E.A.R.F’ that explore relationships between politics, subjectivity and capitalism. His recent group and solo exhibitions include Local Project Space (2017) and Lima Zulu (2017). His commissioned writing includes Special Category Status (2018) and Trust (2018) published by The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, and Extra Judicial Killing (2017) and What did I do to deserve this? (2017) published by Montez Press.

Curtly Thomas is an artist and musician whose work explores identity, visibility and culture. He works under a number of monikers including, clubcouture, ‘clubcouture’ and Ceremonial Acts, often in collaboration interdisciplinary artists and musicians.