Auto Italia, London, 18 March 2017, 17:00 — 19:00
Billy Howard Price and Andrew Kennedy

Cosmologist Adrew Kennedy and artist Billy Howard Price discuss some themes taken from Kennedy’s book The Cosmology of People, and The Time Travel Solution, to describe in particular the Chronolith™ Observatory and its experimental protocol.

Everyone knows the standard responses to the questions of time travel: the grandfather paradox, the problem of a circular influence having no beginning, and so on. If we delve into these problems and paradoxes more deeply, however, we can glimpse an underlying reality that unites and explains them. The reality of time can be found in the mind.

We tend to assert, however, that every mind is different, an assertion that is part of our almost religious adherence to individuality. So how can a unifying reality appear in mind when every mind should be different? Each mind is a source of ‘theories’ about the world; each mind draws its conclusions about reality, making predictions and storing ‘truths’. Each mind is the centre of a cosmology. Any neighbouring individual has a personal and different cosmology. So how is that we can live in a shared reality? How do the cosmologies interact?

We interact through a kinship, the kinship of coincidence. It is easy to think that the reality we share is formed by our common biology and physical circumstances of the Earth on which we live. Yet we know that beneath the biology and the hard rocks lies quantum uncertainty. And here we have exposed another paradox. In the quantum behaviour of subatomic particles probability or uncertainty is destroyed all the time in every measurement or change of state, yet in the lives of humans, accident plays the most significant role in how our minds are formed and in what happens to us through life. There is kinship to be found in the coincidences of life, a whole science of meaning standing apart from space-time. What does this mean for mind when it tries to move into the future?

Andrew Kennedy is an author and independent researcher, inventor of games, with a switching patent to his name, and creator of the TO8, analysing predictive human personality systems from a Darwinian perspective. He is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society and interested in how humans get into space. He founded the Chronolith™ Experiment in 1997. His latest work is The Cosmology of People, and the time travel solution.

Billy Howard Price is a director, video artist and musician from London, who graduated from Goldsmiths in 2013. He is a founding member of alt-rock three-piece Puppy, with whom he plays drums, and produces their original artwork and writes, directs and edits their music videos.