The Royal Standard, Liverpool, 17 July 2015 — 19 July 2015

As part of On Coping: A Reading for Liverpool, Louisa Martin will present Sister. Combining astrological interpretation with pataphysics to create individual personalised readings of current pressures, absences, and loopholes, pointing to invisible routes available where material resources and support might be missing.

Louisa Martin is a London-based artist interested in the conditions which structure and produce embodied experience and the possibilities of these conditions creating new freedoms. Often the focus is on sensorial effective and immersive installations, sound, live performance and video. Selected recent solo exhibitions include ’Proxy’, Bluecoat, Liverpool (2017), ‘Technical Rehearsal for a Lossless Body’ at Cubitt, London (2016), and ‘The Lighthouse’ at Bloc Projects, Sheffield (2014).