Auto Italia, London, 26 August 2011, 19:00 — 21:00
Nina Wakeford

As part of We Have Our Own Concept of Time and Motion: a four day event devoted to the idea and practice of self-organisation, artist and educator Nina Wakeford discusses self-organisation versus policing within the Women’s Movement in London during the mid 1980s.

Nina Wakeford trained in sociology and anthropology at Cambridge University and Oxford University (DPhil) before developing an art practice. She currently holds an ESRC Fellowship at Goldsmiths. Wakeford’s work begins with unfinished business of past social movements and the challenges of revisiting the energies that these movements created. She is interested in how to enact demands through material engagements, and the way in which identification and disidentification are forged modes of empathy and inhabitation and the risks of staying loyal/respectful to the kinds of materials that initiate the work.

Auto Italia

Listen Here: Presentation and workshop from Nina Wakeford