Auto Italia, London, 10 February 2018, 14:00 — 16:00
Phanuel Antwi, Ayesha Hameed, Jan Horčík, Chris James-Harvey, Martin Kohout, William Kherbek, Barney Lewer, Sophie Lapalu, Dan Meththananda, Jason Pine, Jeff Perkins, Kate Porcheret, Georgina Voss and Vlad Vyazovskiy
Image: Slides, Martin Kohout (2017)

The first event as part of the Daylight Management programme, a sprawling network of artists, researchers, scientists, night-shift workers and union representatives initiated and led by artist Martin Kohout.

For this conversation, Kohout will be joined by writer and editor Dan Meththananda as they explored key concerns and questions raised by the project, specifically what night shift labour models can effect on both personal and infrastructural levels, and how this body of work came to take shape in numerous formats including a film, a publication of new writing, an interview series and as an exhibition.

Kohout and Meththananda are co-editors of Night Shifter – the publication aspect of the project which includes both fiction and non-fiction contributions from Phanuel Antwi, Ayesha Hameed, Chris James-Harvey, William Kherbek, Sophie Lapalu, Barney Lewer, Jeff Perkins, Jason Pine, Kate Porcheret, Georgina Voss, Vlad Vyazovskiy and Jan Horčík. In this conversation they will delve into the myriad of directions the provocation of night shift work has taken the contributing authors; such as exploring the work of Detroit music duo Drexciya, memories of queer nightlife in 1980s London, and the neurological and physiological benefits and dangers of not sleeping.