Auto Italia, London, 14 October 2020, 19:00 — 20:00
Jim C. Nedd, Invernomuto and Dr. Larisa Kingston Mann
Invernomuto & Jim C. Nedd, PICO: Un parlante de África en América, video still, 60 minutes, HD film, 2017.

Join us for an online discussion between musician, DJ and scholar Dr. Larisa Kingston Mann, and exhibiting artists Invernomuto and Jim C. Nedd, which will explore the genealogies of picó music and culture.

The event has been organised in conjunction with our current project, PICO. In this exhibition, the documentary film PICO: Un Parlante de África en América (60 minutes, HD film, 2017) examines the rich and flamboyant tradition of picós: vivid, technicolour, wooden structures housing powerful sound systems, which turbocharge street parties, bars and restaurants across the Afro-Colombian port cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena.

Dr. Larisa Kingston Mann (b. 1973, USA) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media Studies and Production at Klein College of Media and Communication – Temple University. Her work examines how marginalized communities use cultural practices to create spaces and moments of resistance and negotiation under colonial powers. She is especially interested in the technological and legal contexts that allow these spaces to exist. She has also been a music DJ under the moniker DJ Ripley for 25 years, playing in warehouses, squats, clubs, basements, rooftops, back rooms, front yards, ships, houseboats, pirate radio, legal radio and the internet.

Invernomuto Simone Bertuzzi (b.1983, Italy) and Simone Trabucchi (b.1982, Italy) have been working together as Invernomuto since 2003. Their shared practice focuses on moving image and sound, with integration of sculpture, performance and publishing into their work. Recent solo presentations include The MAC, Belfast (2017); Artspeak, Vancouver (2015); Triennale di Milano, Milan (2014); and Museion, Bozen (2014).

Jim C. Nedd (b. 1991, Colombia) is an artist and musician living and working in Milan. Nedd explores the themes of collective memories, shared experiences, and his Caribbean culture through his surreal and dream like photography. He has exhibited work at CFA, Milan (2020); Athens Biennial, Athens (2020); Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin (2020); Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool (2020); and Sandy Brown, Berlin (2020). He is the founder of the experimental band Primitive Art alongside Matteo Pit, and also operates as a photographer in both advertising and editorial projects, as well as part of the Toiletpaper collective with Pierpaolo Ferrari.