Auto Italia, London, 08 April 2017, 19:00 — 21:00
Hannah Diamond, Grossmary, Kevin Le Grand, Lady Neptune, Yorkson and Got 2 B Ambivalent

I’m Not Thick – I’m Just Busy! An Evening of Ambivalent Debauchery hosted by GOT 2 B RADIO

Ambivalence suggests strong feelings… in opposition. The prefix, as in ambidextrous,” means “both.” The rest of it means “vigor.” The word suggests that you are torn… between two opposing courses of action. GOT 2 B Radio are hosting the closing party of group exhibition Feral Kin, at Auto Italia in Hackney. They are also launching a new online platform where all of their radio shows will be available for download as podcasts.




GOT 2 B AMBIVALENT (Ruth Angel Edwards and Emily Pope)



Got 2 B is a radio serial, presented by Emily Pope and Ruth Angel Edwards, artists who explore the over-proliferation of populist conversation and music through collaborative sound-work. They utilise the banalities of daily conversation to create narratives which cut between satirical and earnest in their observation. The programme also collages soundbites from news bulletins and adverts, re-contextualises selected songs, which the artists insert into the programme, to provide the listener with an interpretation of specific neoliberal landscapes. Got 2 B will continue to respond to and challenge current events and trends, in an ongoing dialogue with popular consciousness.

Got 2 b is aired monthly on Resonance 104.4 FM. The On Coping Series was commissioned by Auto Italia as part of Auto Italia’s On Coping Residency: A Reading For Liverpool. A section of GOT 2 B AMBIVALENT was published by Bookworks in Happy Hypocrite #ACCUMULATORPLUS, edited by Hannah Sawtell.

Emily Pope (b. 1990, UK) is a visual artist based in London, working in film, printmaking, radio, creative writing + publishing. Her research explores a history of experimental contemporary broadcast media with a focus on humour and satire, feminism, political rhetoric + class politics. Recent presentations and performances include Fluid festival, Birmingham (2017); HAHA Gallery, Southampton (2017); NAWKI Film Festival, South End (2016); Ladette Space, London (2016); Turf Projects, London (2016); and The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2015).

Ruth Angel Edwards (b.1986, UK) is a multimedia artist whose work explores the communication of ideology through pop culture, drawing from mainstream and subcultural youth movements both past and present. Recent exhibitions and projects include Auto Italia, London (2017); Arcadia Missa, London (2016); The Residence Gallery, London (2016); Human Resources, Los Angeles (2016); and MEYOHAS, New York (2015).