Auto Italia, London, 17 July 2015 — 19 July 2015
Ruth Angel Edwards and Emily Pope

Got 2 B… responds to, and challenges current events and trends, in an ongoing dialogue with popular consciousness. The artists will produce a special edition of their monthly Resonance FM radio show responding to On Coping: A Reading for Liverpool and using the exhibition space to produce it. Got 2 B…. is a programme in series, presented by Emily Pope and Ruth Angel Edwards, artists who explore the over-proliferation of populist conversation and music through collaborative sound-work. Alongside utilising the banalities of daily conversation and epiphanic moments of transit to create spoken word pieces (which cut from satirical to earnest in their observation) the programme collages soundbites from news bulletins and adverts, re-contexualising selected songs, which the artists insert into this built environment, to provide the listener with an interpretation of specific neo-liberal landscapes. The programme has so far responded to targeted advertising, and in its second outing; the act of protest, considering the potential of this collective gathering, whilst recognising that protest is inherently un-cool.

Got 2 B

Listen Here: Got 2 B On Coping Episode 1