Auto Italia, London, 09 September 2016, 12:00 — 22:00
Adam Farah-Saad, Raju Rage, Victoria Sin and Sydney UltraOmni

Dream Babes is a long-term project led by Sin Wai Kin in collaboration with Auto Italia featuring artists using speculative fiction as a productive medium for intersectional queer experience, bringing together practitioners working across varied mediums to enact worlds that we are for, with others. This project is comprised of many iterations, public moments and opportunities to come together. These events form part of a three-day live programme hosted at Auto Italia.

Delany Fan Club:
An informal afternoon screening group, looking at the work of science fiction writer and essayist Samuel Delany showcasing a number of interviews with Delany, discussing sex, race and gay history, as well the documentary The Polymath, Or The Life And Opinions Of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman (2007).

Lipstix and Lipsynx Performative Workshop with Adam Farah-Saad and Raju Rage:
A workshop to un/cover our secret present selves and open up queer portals of self-affirmation for *moments of future whateva*. The session took two ideas/methods used by the facilitators within their practices and daily lives, as techniques of survival and revival: Lip Syncing and performances of Self Affirmation. We will discuss and perform what it means to be ‘us’: to be queer of colour / to disidentify* / to be outside and inside of the mainstream and what we do to navigate these realms. This event was strictly limited for QTIPOC (queer, trans, intersex, people of colour).

Sydney UltraOmni live set:
Sydney UltraOmni is a writer, advocate and the other half of ‘English Breakfast’, a regular voguing night happening every third Thursday of the month at Trapeze Basement Club in Shoreditch, London. A proud member of the iconic New York voguing House of UltraOmni, when Sydney is not walking ‘butch realness’ at a ball, he loves mixing house, b*tch tracks, soca chunes and disco throwbacks for his friends.

Adam Farah-Saad (b. 1991, UK) is an artist living and working in London. Farah-Saad’s multimedia installations explore vulnerability and masculinity, and the nonlinear ways in which moments of longing and mourning dwell in his episodic memories from childhood and adolescence. They recently presented at Assembly Point, London (2016); Flat Time House, London (2016); Arcadia Missa, London (2015).

Raju Rage (b. Kenya) is an artist, educator and activist raised in London and living/working abroad. Through an expansive practice across print, sculpture, installation and audio-video they explore the spaces and relationships between dis/connected bodies/beings, theory and practice, text and corporeality and aesthetics and the political substance. They have presented at Autograph ABP, London (2016); William Morris Gallery, London (2016); Link Gallery, Manchester (2015); Menier Gallery, London (2015); and Iniva, London (2014).

Sin Wai Kin (b. 1991, Canada) is an artist, writer and performer. Sin’s practice pivots around the use of speculative fiction within performance, moving image, writing and print, to question the idealised image and the collective gaze. Identifying as mixed race and non-binary, their work creates fantasy narratives, to interrupt normative processes around issues of desire, identification, and objectification. Sin’s use of performance and particularly drag began as a means of deconstructing and challenging misogyny and racism in and outside of the queer community. They have recently presented works at Pi Artworks, London (2016); CGP Gallery, London (2016); and The Lightbox, Woking (2015).