Auto Italia, London, 04 December 2011, 16:00 — 18:00
Leeds AIDS Advice, Gregg Bordowitz, Melissa Castagnetto, Dara Greenwald, Emma Hedditch, Zoe Leonard, Ona Mirkinson, Catherine Saalfield, Heiny Srour and

Presented by makers of ‘Life, Love and HIV’, a video developed by ‘Adults living with HIV’ at Body & Soul, a pioneering UK charity dedicated to transforming the lives of children, teenagers and families living with, or affected by HIV.  This screening is an exploration of media representations of discussions about and ‘for’ people who are affected by or living with HIV, in the context of current government cuts for funding HIV education, awareness and prevention in the UK.

Keep Your Laws Off My Body, Zoe Leonard and Catherine Saalfield, USA, 1990, 13mins
Mouthing Off, Leeds Aids Advice, UK, 1991 (excerpt)
Fast Trip Long Drop, Gregg Bordowitz, USA, 1993 (excerpt)
Life, Love and HIV, Adults living with HIV at Body & Soul, UK, 2011, 7mins

Social forms of resistance, incorporating the principles for which they are fighting
“They struggle not only for the idea of social support and political enfranchisement, but their struggle takes on a social form of its own” – Judith Butler, Bodies in Alliance.

A selection of films presented by Emma Hedditch and Melissa Castagnetto (Cinenova Working Group).
Leila and the Wolves, Heiny Srour, UK/Lebanon, 1984, 90 mins
The Package, Dara Greenwald & Ona Mirkinson, USA, 2010, 10mins