Auto Italia, London, 28 June 2014, 19:00 — 21:00

You also might have also picked up a press release that says:

In his essay on musicals “Entertainment And Utopia” the theorist Richard Dyer claims that entertainment does not “present models of utopian worlds, as in the classic utopias of Sir Thomas More, William Morris, et al. Rather the utopianism is contained in the feelings it embodies. It presents, head on as it were, what utopia would feel like rather than how it would be organised.”

It continues:

The narratives that mass media entertainment produce run deep through our lives and cannot be escaped  entertainment is a headspace where the dynamics of desire, seduction, power and control take place and increasingly make meaning of our world.

The event this coming Saturday is called: “A Horn Of Plenty At The All You Can Eat Buffet Of Nothing” which maybe sounds negative – but don’t worry – it’s actually positive: we’re going to bring a horn of plenty to fill up that empty buffet.

The event will feature live performances and interventions from Leni Cedric, Benedict Drew, Mette Hammer Juhl + Loenzo Tebano, Pablo Navarro MacLochlainn and Plastique Fantastique.