Black Obsidian Sound System, 11 December 2020

In conjunction with our exhibition PICO: Un parlante de África en América we’re sharing a weekly series of online commissions by a global group of visual and sonic practitioners. This series maps Afro-Diasporic visual and sonic practices as both an outcome and facilitator of cultures of resistance.

This week’s commission is brought to you by Black Obsidian Sound System (B.O.S.S.) members Mellowdramatics and Pepper Coast.

B.O.S.S. was established in the summer of 2018 with the intention of bringing together a community of queer, trans and non binary people of colour involved in art, sound, music and radical activism. Following in the legacies of sound system culture B.O.S.S.’s intention is to learn, build and sustain a resource for collective struggles. The system, based in London, is available to use or rent by community groups & others with the purpose of amplifying, connecting and uplifting QTIBPOC.

Auto Italia · Black Obsidian Sound System