Authentically Plastic, 18 December 2020

In conjunction with our exhibition PICO: Un parlante de África en América we’re sharing a weekly series of online commissions by a global group of visual and sonic practitioners. This series maps Afro-Diasporic visual and sonic practices as both an outcome and facilitator of cultures of resistance.

This week’s commission is brought to you by Kampala based DJ, producer and artist Authentically Plastic.

At once dark and playful, Authentically Plastic use Gqom, Vogue and Techno as bases to explore new and alternative sounds. Their music is influenced by electronic Northern Ugandan rhythms, early acid experiments, and Afro-futurism and explores their political context through densely layered and improvisational mixes.

Authentically Plastic run a roving and riotous club night in Kampala called ANTI-MASS, that provides space for femme, queer and experimental artists to explore music and performance in an increasingly social conservative climate.

Auto Italia · Authentically Plastic