Special Tears, 16 September 2016



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Notes after-before is a text by Special Tears which continues from their initial outpouring, Notes from before. The text was performed as part of Victoria Sin’s Dream Babes at Auto Italia in September 2016.

Special Tears is a project by Cassandre Greenberg and Christopher Kirubi, Special Tears examines the trope of crying in its various iterations: as an expression of sadness and grief; as a manipulative affective tool; as a (mis-)gendered response; as a signifier of authenticity etc. Tears – as software – are wetness capable of corrupting hardware but also a moment of affective singularity that is unable to be assimilated into algorithmic processes. We will look to first utilise current technologies available to us – be that modifying, instrumentalizing or even destroying – to understand this intuition.

As part of their residency at the White Building, Special Tears will be presenting a new work called ‘A soft copy’, as part of the show ‘Moist Heat’ that opens on 29th September and runs until 15th September 2016.