Josefin Arnell, 11 September 2018

– Ivan talks on top of all the images, comes in like an image filled with happiness because he is heaven, clouds abound. wow he looks dreamy.

He talks about the river of death, the stream that goes somewhere in eastern Europe (probably) filled with Satan but also with freedom as ashes make your skin smoother. If you have acne it’s an even better choice. Then we talk about heaven, trying to seduce the other to also talk about heaven.

The 3 others are together but very lonely inside.
– So you were squeezed real tight?
– Yes, I guess you could say she had a magic cunt
– Really?
– Yes i think so


Lines from the young girl:
– Astronauts, educated to fly inside your body shell, lifted by micro-spaceships only to fit inside your mouth and travel down your throat.
It’s dark in there but in reality astronauts are well prepared, their headlamp understands it’s souring cos no one can trick a well-trained astronaut. The surface down there is wipe-clean and white, the structure reflecting an unbearable history.
– Erotic gun machine dolls, detached from their tits fucking guys from behind, gawky amateurs you might think ? no no no (points with finger)
– She wants to die, really? with that sexual skills
– Light candles? in heaven we have real bonfires, dragon ejecting fires in the size of unimaginable tall skyscrapers
– There is nothing here, I’m hollow, I’m small,

Sing the text ‘I believe I can fly’:

– I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, I see you (Point out it’s ok to puke on R. Kelly)
– Reading about the history of fossils but changing the meaning ?? or not mentioning fossils, a specific discourse?
– How can you resist? bentonite in various ways, a side of blood lizards in all its coulis, asking for creatures in the same size? antiseptic for killing bugs and fleas?
– Describing a competition from horse riding with young girls? and how the idea feels sexy?
-“the rosette is blue, yellow and gold, a real championship I would say. Ivan dressed up as a horse girl or instructor. describing exactly how to ride a perfect obstacle”
– Talking about collecting stem cells? tissue and tissue samples
– Song again: I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, thinking about you everyday or so…
– No borders here I thought, and got scared when I asked you to tell me a secret. Embodied politics up my ass, for what? when you live like someone from The Flintstones.
– I wanted to do drawings, to be lovely and informative, to give pleasure and affirmation.
– Washed in the water of blood and birth, I was born to bring liberation, a decorated journey with moisture from the finest curd.
– Talking about perfection! something that is perfect, something to mastering.
– Vitamin D, that is right. You cannot sit inside your home or car and reap the benefits of sitting in a sunny spot. you must go outside.
– A zombie walks throng the soil, irrational energy, the zombie wanna rip something in pieces while practicing sex with any kind of intercourse.
– She felt everyone’s suffering in her body and finds a system to structure their pain (Simone Weil, gravity and grace, if ‘I’ is the only truly one we own we must destroy it)
– Little kid with lollipop, grandma evil fire eyes n wrinkles lose oneself in order to be larger than oneself she is longing and therefore she is a masochist anorexic philosopher
– A warrior woman is running from her emotions, too much makeup for a forest to handle.
– Offering a cocktail of sleep, environmental toxins such as the pulling of a confused woman from a car crash while she probably experiences her strongest ovulation in this decade.
– An explosion of lonely desires that cries on a field with chained horses.
– An appearance entirely exhausted by salivation, rendering all bodies equivalent
– Consisting your brain in you little finger, It sabotages all over because it’s Satan itself, like one of those instinctive killer animals that do it only for pleasure not actually for the meat just for the sake of taking a life.
– Dragonfruit basket: A dragon is entering a catering firm cos his fire got lost in a case. Dragonfruit, he said. I want to order a big dragonfruit basket.
– Silica is the most important mineral on earth, internal cosmetic, there is no existence without dinosaur dust, a miracle flour, ancient treasure.
– What is the methodology of metabolism, when everything seems to fail?
– I’m having my period
– Once the house down there is sweet clean, what does it mean to be bloody and a demon?
– Once opossum a time there was a small man called Lickery Lick and he liked to lick things, one day he went out of his house and he saw a beautiful person’s head so he licked and licked and licked. (love this story it´s memory fragment from some kind of very old vice mag issue)
– One having struggles, behind a tree when no one see
– I can do it. I’m a creative being, this is my liberation (eyes closed, head pulled back)
– I’m a creative being this is my liberation.