Rachel Pimm, 24 October 2013


A group look back to the beach from a new, larger breakout island, which allows a good view of the Bleisure Island Complex. RACHEL, BELLAMY, HOWARD and ELLEN are dancing and the rest are drinking from a Pop Up bar. JESSICA and GARETH are tending a seafood BBQ which smokes appealingly. The Breakout Island is lit up with a kind of display not dissimilar to the northern lights. CONFUCIUS sleeps in a hammock on the waterfront. Only LAO TZU and a few others are on the mainland resting. DAN is on a nearby island indoors working on a story with DESKMAG.


(drunk, is spouting figures over the music poetically and the group laugh good naturedly.)

There is an open sand beach covering over 5000 square metres. Next to the beach, there is a 7000 square metre plank platform that seats 6000 tourists simultaneously and enables them to relax themselves, have drinks, chat, and enjoy delicacies and hold beach parties. The coastline, as long as over 400m combined with the fine and soft beach sand gives one the most real expression of a holiday on the seashore.


The party has gone on most of the night and the group slowly awake in their hammocks on the clean beach, drinking iced Matcha Green Bubble teas and coffees whilst checking their emails. A beautiful big cloud and the Skyfans cool an otherwise hot day to 25 degrees. A ‘morning after’ conversation breaks out on some loungers.


(clearly exhilarated by the outdoors)

What comes in sight is a navy blue expanse of artificial sea water in the middle of the paradise. The sea has by far the biggest artificial waves in the world.


(as an aside to Rachel, grinning with anticipation)

This is what I came out to see! 


…Every morning or dusk you can feel the gentle sea breeze, the soothing tranquility, and listen to the lapping waves in serenity. The waves are powerful and exhilarating. the refreshing smell of the sea makes one intoxicated as if he were enjoying himself in the fabulous heaven…


(ecstasy clearly catching)

Oh me! Oh me! How I love the earth, and the seasons, and weather and all things that deal with it, and all that grows out of it, – as this has done!


Yes, you’ve observed correctly, but as well as beautiful and natural, these waves are incredibly technologically advanced. 


Just as the Night Sun utilises fusion energy to shine through any adverse conditions, the water’s natural contour is boosted by a Wave Define enhancer- a simulation which aids the moon’s gravitational pull by harnessing energy released from the Night Sun into the water, where deep subwater sensors collect the data like ultrasound from a radius of 1 mile out from the island, at which point the seascape blends seamlessly. The Wave Define Watercarpet features realflow, wavemesh, meshfoam, freshmesh and additional particle splash.



(a bit cynical but clearly fascinated and amused)

I have no idea what a watercarpet is but I know I want to walk across one. Apparently it could be a wave pool with plants curving incongruously over steel girders*


 Everything you see is real!**


(exasperated and in disbelief)

 Nothing is real!



This is clearly the off-duty hangout and the orientation group slightly interrupts its studious feel, but with a fairly welcome break. DAN and GAVIN drink beers as they laugh about over Ellen’s outburst, and they take the opportunity to stretch their legs. RACHEL is quite content working off to one side with a laptop precariously balanced at the edge of a comfy chair, in loose clothing and an ice-cold glass of water. SkyFans whirr silently overhead blowing softly fragrant air.


The SPF25 SkyUmbrella unique to Bleisure Island, which covers the entire area in the form of a layer of similar to ozone at an altitude of 200m ensures that during their stay, residents are not exposed to any sun damage whilst conducting business and leisure in the warmer climates of the outdoor areas.


(telling the group rumours he’s heard)

At the farther end of the sea hangs the largest LED display in the world…


(to anyone around who can hear)

…Built in Shanghai, Obviously…


…measuring 150m in length and approximately 40m in height. the display projects the seascape and the endless horizon. The alternating morning clouds and twilight afterglow extend the horizon limitlessly in the temporal and spatial directions.


At times on Bleisure Island, for a feeling of freshness in the air and for a change of humidity after a long period of air conditioning, the residents will experience a light spray similar to a rainy season, at which point the SPF25 SkyUmbrella becomes impermeable to water. 

We now see the group, split into groups from a distance, EDT, EDITH and DR LEETE with MR WEST and HAMMOND, now joined quietly with CONFUCIUS and LAO TZU. They hold their hands out, noticing the lightest spray and smiling and nodding to each other as they notice it. Not far off DESKMAG, GARETH, GAVIN and DAN smoke with GUEST. The smoke disappears instantly. 


(finding the whole thing totally logical and explaining to WEST who is confused)

…it would be considered an extraordinary imbecility to permit the weather to have any effect on the social movements of the people.


the difference between the age of individualism and that of concert was well characterized by the fact that, in the nineteenth century, when it rained, the people… put up three hundred thousand umbrellas over as many heads, and in the twentieth century they put up one umbrella over all the heads.


The private umbrella is father’s favorite figure to illustrate the old way when everybody lived for himself and his family. There is a nineteenth century painting at the Art Gallery representing a crowd of people in the rain, each one holding his umbrella over himself and his wife, and giving his neighbors the drippings, which he claims must have been meant by the artist as a satire on his times.


Rain then falls pleasantly off the coast, around 100m out to sea, where bathers can choose to take a part of the Island out to enjoy it, and those who stay on the main Island can feel its cooling breeze and watch it make calming ripples on the waters surface, along with a pleasant rain sound. Often this facility is employed at a time when residents sleep as a form of relaxation, and individuals can choose a localised amplification of the sound by voice control.


we see the group over the rest of the day working online and the wifi cloud hovering back and forth to accommodate them. LAO TZU takes EDITH on a trip in a GreenView Helicopter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


On-screen captions in CGI water simulation, Harun Farocki’s Parallel.


A line spoken by Christof, the fictional Producer and Architect of The Truman Show.