Tim Ivison, 12 January 2014

RWBA has been on extended vacation, contemplating the working holiday and trying to get a handle on new tablet devices. When being busy is an unquestioned value, the portable office can be a kind of luxury, given as a gift – an initiation into the world where you no longer have an excuse for not answering an e-mail within ten minutes, not retweeting, not capturing your every move. Recent RWBA moves have been slow.

Thinking about my imminent return to London, I am becoming acutely aware that productivity has a territory, a geography. I am preparing myself, projecting my productive self, into the sphere of work, in preparation for transformation. Nathan Budzinski sent me this mix on the theme of labour and I have been listening to it while catching up on e-mails and trying to imagine the place in my mind I will need to be pacing around for the next few days, re-entering the work stream – RWBA Office Mix

  1. The Platters “Sixteen Tons”
  2. Ricardo Villalobos “Fizheuer Zieheuer”
  3. Harry Partch “Phase One – Well, Bless My Soul!”
  4. Prurient “Let’s Make A Slave (De-Shelled)”
  5. Robert Hood “The Exodus”
  6. DNA “Little Ants”
  7. David Rothenberg track from Bug Music
  8. Cornelius Cardew “Smash The Social Contract”
  9. Martin Kippenberger “I Remember You”
  10. Harvey Milk “My Father’s Life’s Work”
  11. Cornelius Cardew “TBC”
  12. William Parker “New World Order”