Rob Pruitt's Flea Market at Tate Modern

12th December - 13th December 2009

A festive reprise of Rob Pruitt’s Christmas and Kwanzaa (an African-American festival) version of the ‘Flea Market’event, programmed to coincide with the exhibition Pop Life: Art in a Material World, in which Pruitt also appears.

Originally held at Gavin Brown’s Passerby gallery in New York in the late 1990s, then featuring artist peers including Elizabeth Peyton, Piotr Uklanski and Rikrit Tiravanija, Pruitt’s Flea Market is a playful take on a curated group exhibition cum entrepreneurial initiative.

For Tate Modern, Pruitt has worked with a new selection of London-based artists, plus some of the original participants, to set up market stalls with everything from artists editions to old 12”s, in a seasonal flavour.’

Auto Italia’s stall includes work by:

Jennifer Bailey / Olivier Castel / Theo Cook / Kate Cooper / Nazareno Crea / Danielle Dean / Amanda Dennis / Jason Dungan / Jenifer Evans / Katie Guggenheim /Justin Jaeckle / Richard John Jones / Dean Kissick / Sara Knowland / Marcus Mitchell / Jonathan Murphy / Paul & Marc & Raymond / Eddie Peake / Django Pemberton / Rachel Pimm / Woody Pollen / Paul Richards / Guy Rusha / Assunta Ruocco / Patrick Shire / Susila Subramaniam / Gili Tal / Upset The Rhythm / Joe Walsh / Maria Zahle
Watch the TateShots short about the project HERE.