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Hot Moment
Hot Moment is a new exhibition curated by Radclyffe Hall that examines photographic representations that emerge from the threshold of intimacy and public life in the 1980s and 90s, presenting the work of Tessa Boffin, Ingrid Pollard, and Jill Posener.
Steven Warwick: Karl Kraus and the Viennese Imagination
Artist and musician Steven Warwick's new text looks at coffeehouses and Kraus' satirical magazine 'Die Fackel' as a subversive spaces for critique under Austria's increasingly right-wing political climate in the late 19th and early 20th century.⁠⠀
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Unorganised Response
Unorganised Response is a programme of work exploring the ways in which artistic production is used as a tool for influence by organisations engaged in international cultural relations and diplomacy.
Can’t wait to see you all for @atabey_mamita ‘s * A HOUSE OF ECSTATIC VIRALITY * a new dance and movement practice work produced in collaboration with volunteers and health professionals of @metrocharity Emerging Communities Programme, which engages members of the Latinx and Polish communities in London around HIV prevention and support. . This Saturday 1 December at 7pm for World AIDS Day. Tickets fully booked but email for waiting list! . Commissioned by Auto Italia as part of a series of events co-curated with @jackwobrien for that is open until December 16 2018, Thursday to Sunday 12-5pm. . Auto Italia x
Tarek Lakhrissi: Apocalyptic Posters (I, II, III)
Apocalyptic Posters (I, II, III) is a series of new poems exploring community organising in the context of disaster and escape by artist and poet Tarek Lakhrissi produced in collaboration with graphic designer Martin Desinde.⁠
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Tender rip
Tender rip is a collaborative project developed by Anna McMahon and Spence Messih which explores transformations of bodies by and with language, and the slippery processes of coding and classifying both.
studio visit treasure, with @ladydangfua
Cassandre Greenberg: To our future excavators, my virtual bread
Artist and writer Cassandre Greenberg explores the collective history of yeast bacteria and human virology in this new creative non-fiction text.
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Sirens is a new novel by Dawn Mellor that maps a series of protagonists and their shifting relationships to crime, gender, class and sexuality.
All people with AIDS are innocent by Gran Fury suspended on Auto Italia’s facade and the banner hanging across Grant Street in front of the Henry Street Settlement Culture Center, Manhattan 1989. we’re open today 12-5pm
Priya Jay: The moon waned in Capricorn as the Medicine Woman was sleeping
Writer and curator Priya Jay's The moon waned in Capricorn as the Medicine Woman was sleeping takes the reader on a sublime journey through the social contracts of food production and healthcare. ⁠
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Army of Love
Army of Love is a newly commissioned exhibition by Alexa Karolinski and Ingo Niermann in collaboration with the “Army of Love”, a propositional regiment of soldiers varied in age and appearance tasked with offering all-encompassing love to all those who need it.
Nice write up of the show + more about Gran Fury’s history in the Times Literary Supplement online by Jack Lowery. Come see the show this weekend as it enters it’s closing weeks, we’re open daily from 12-5pm!