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Rush is a new body of work initiated by Christopher Kirubi in collaboration with Auto Italia. Launching with an evening of newly commissioned performance, the ongoing project takes shape through a collaboration developed with Adam Fa-Rah, Chloe Fiilani, Shenece Oretha and Rhoda Boateng, working together as artists and friends meeting regularly to discuss spaces of desire, of community, and of action.
Liquid Skin
Liquid Skin – a new text piece by artist Roberta Vaz – takes us on a journey to self-annihilation through the prototyped self in Second Life and beyond.
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Nature of the Hunt
Nature of the Hunt is a project by Auto Italia in collaboration with Harman Bains, considering what is at stake in our contemporary desire to re-imagine folkloric and historic modes of violence and resistance. Explored through a disembodied survey of twentieth-century exploitation and body horror cinema, this project asks how the biological danger associated with the nature of the female in these materials might be claimed and shaped. It enables us to explore on new terms these female subjects historically considered dangerous to society.
Rogue Agents performance at @zkmkarlsruhe with @sinforvictory @marianneforrest @edgillman_ featuring CG by @pablojonessoler. Photos: Felix Grünschloß
DREAM BABES: Speculative Futures Zine Launch
We're excited to share details of the next iteration of the Dream Babes project - the launch of the Speculative Futures Zine, 7-9pm, March 23rd at The Horse Hospital, London.
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Loss Leader
Loss Leader is a new moving image commission currently on display at Futura Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague. Presented as a defective video game with a ruptured and inescapable narrative, Loss Leader builds a character portrait of a being turning to violence as an escape from an endless loop of production.
Last day to catch Terre Thaemlitz ‘Interstices’ - open until 5pm today Photo: Manuela Barczewski
On Nuisance: December 2nd, 4-6pm
As the presentation of Terre Thaemlitz’s Interstices project at Auto Italia comes to an end, we want to invite you to join us for a discussion event on a subject frequently discussed by Thaemlitz: “nuisance”, where we will be joined by Ray Filar, Harley Kurylowski, Wail Qasim and Lexi Turner.
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Terre Thaemlitz: Interstices
Terre Thaemlitz: Interstices is new a presentation of video and text components from Thaemlitz’s multi-media work INTERSTICES (2000–2003) across the Auto Italia project space, including full electroacoustic audio video installation work exhibited for the first time in the UK.
This Friday we’re hosting @montezpress at Auto Italia with readings, performances and installations from Penny Goring, Adam Gallagher and Laura Morrison to launch the publication of the Interjection Calendar, published by Montez. The event will run 7-9 - link in bio. Image credit: Adam Gallagher, 2017.
COME MY BABY: 4D running in 2
Read an excerpt from Holly Childs' text HAVE THE dusk deepen, performed as part of Auto Italia's Rogue Agents project at Firstdraft, Sydney.
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Body Loss
Somewhere there is a Siren. The disembodied female voice is perhaps even more horrific than the female body. The dark in itself is not as frightening as the imagination it lures.
For a minute, I’m glad I’m on the ground because there’s nothing left for me to fall off of and because the feeling of the dirt and concrete against the side of my face makes me think of the inside of your mouth which is coarse, damp and dark like the unlit street. As I push myself up some secret part of me makes an effort to brush the edge of my mouth against the street, my lips twitch slightly as they scrape against the gravel. I feel a tiny rock stick to the corner of my mouth. I don’t brush it away. Rush - this Friday - 7-9pm at Auto Italia w. @ck.in2u @free.yard @oooretha + Rhoda Boateng
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NTU: UBULAWU is the first UK solo exhibition by South African-based collective NTU. Drawing on the collective's ongoing research project NTUSAVE, this programme continues their engagement with Ubulawu – a sacred collection of plants used in traditional Southern African spiritual practice – and their phytochemical properties.