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On Coping - 25th March at PRIMARY, Nottingham

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A Year Inside A Spaceship on Earth / by Andrey Bozshko and Violeta Gorodinskaia / translation by Julia Tcharfas

Between the years 1967 and 1968 a Russian institute for space medicine called the Institute of Biomedical Problems staged a year long simulation of a spaceflight. In a model spaceship a crew of three ground-based cosmonauts rehearsed a long-term stay

Golden Age Problems

 Golden Age Problems Wellbeing in the Entertainment Complex Art institutions sit comfy in the pockets of big corporations, broadcasters continue to sow the image-seeds of a tedious spectacular capitalism and publishers proliferate middlebrow inf


Kate Cooper's 'Rigged' at KW, Berlin

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I was just searching online for a picture of Dahlia “Emory Paul” because I wanted to write a post about waiting with great anticipation for the buds of one to open because they are massive! Then I found this pic, of Maggie Tran who previous...

Immaterial Labour Isn't Working

Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working: Digital Culture, Digital Work, Digital Insurrection. http://iliw13.autoitaliasoutheast.org - @iliw13 - #iliw13 20th April – 12th May 2013 Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working is a series of talks, wo

Cold Balls On My Bags

  Auto Italia asked Jess Wiesner, my long time collaborator, and myself to have a chat about Double Dip Concession, the most recent instalment of Auto Italia Live. It is published on Dazed Digital with some photos of Jess in my last Live