POLYMYTH x Miss Information

Mercedes Bunz, Lucy Chinen, April Greiman, Dominic Jaeckle, Shama Khanna, Pablo Jones-Soler, Metahaven and Holly Herndon, Ingo Niermann, Pinar&Viola, Mary Margaret Rinebold, Michael Schindhelm, Jenna Sutela, Zing Tsjeng.
4th October - 16th November 2014



Loitering at the crossroads of personal resolution and high definition, Miss Information dances to the algo-rhythms of terra firma and terra bytes. Seeking refuge in data h(e)avens, Miss Information is having a (fl)awesome time making automagic for the people. Looking for Alsosolutions for love, lunch and the building blocks of DIdentitY – amidst the syndromes of the century and the s(chl)ock of the new – Miss Information says RELAX. Miss Information wants to be free.

POLYMYTH x Miss Information is a project bringing together a range of creative practitioners to explore the narratives and grammar enmeshed in the technologically accelerated now. Scripting realities and using speculation as a tool, the project seeks to create and illustrate contemporary myths in order to think upon the present, using Miss Information as both a character and a strategy.

In an exhibition space narrated by the disembodied voice of Miss Information (whose dialogue has been sourced through an invited cast of ghost writers), contributors April Greiman, Pablo Jones-Soler, Metahaven + Holly Herndon and Pinar&Viola explore the magic realism of network(ed) culture. Amidst a cloud of data, propositions and multiple identities the project investigates the frictions within fluid systems, and mines the subtext of surfaces to excavate what might lie beyond.

April Greiman visualises an aspect of the MIS-infoscape of sea and air, Pinar&Viola proffers a more is more solution (and wardrobe) for the question of unconditional love, and Metahaven and Holly Herndon engages the complexities of avatar anxiety, all within an augmented interior designed by Pablo Jones-Soler.

Using diverse physical and immaterial media, tools and space, this accumulation of artistic strategies is designed to render a total artwork out of a sequence of independent pieces.


POLYMYTH x Miss Information is a project by Auto Italia, Marleen Boschen, Marianne Forrest and Justin Jaeckle in collaboration with: April Greiman, Pablo Jones Soler, Metahaven and Holly Herndon and Pinar&Viola.

Featuring Mercedes Bunz, Lucy Chinen, Dominic Jaeckle, Shama Khanna, Mary Margaret Rinebold, Ingo Niermann, Michael Schindhelm, Jenna Sutela and Zing Tsjeng as the voice of Miss Information.

Special thanks to: Benjamin Bowe-Carter, Julia Sandberg Hansson, Robbie Howells, Poppy Moroney, Joshua Parker, Sean Roy Parker, Paloma Proudfoot, Charles Pryor, Chris Sebestik and Pierre-Alexandre Simoes.

Image © Auto Italia and Pablo Jones-Soler, 2014.

This project was made possible through the support of Joylent, Goethe Institut London, Sign AwaySpecialist Mats, and The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.