Kate Cooper, Marianne Forrest, Andrew Kerton and Jess Wiesner
9th - 11th November 2012

As part of Artissima LIDO, Auto Italia South East present a new commission in the Museum of Antiquities, Turin.

MY SKIN IS AT WAR WITH A WORLD OF DATA is a film exploring the paranoiac function of images in our hyperreal networked-society, conceived of as a collective enterprise by artists Kate Cooper, Marianne Forrest, Andrew Kerton and Jess Wiesner.

Produced by Auto Italia, MY SKIN IS AT WAR WITH A WORLD OF DATA utilises the communication strategies of motion capture, beauty campaigns, and stock imagery to investigate the relationship of images to the production of our own bodies and performance of the self.

Today we re-produce and inhabit new images through the speed of our relations. In the fully connected syndrome in which we exist, such a speed becomes inherent in the presentation of our contemporary bodies. The film explores the inescapable short-circuit produced by the consumption, post-production and distribution that mediate the image in the mechanisms of our everyday experience economy.

‘To produce yourself, you need to know about your own value. My own interiority is the new factory floor. Industrial strength hormones ensure I am still visibly productive – all day, every day. Welcome to the She Factory.’


Commissioned by Artissima LIDO and produced by Auto Italia South East.

Thanks to: Marleen Boschen, Nathan Budzinski, Luke Collins, Theo Cook, Mette Juhl, Connor Linskey, Lucy Mills, Pablo Navarro MacLochlainn, Rachel Pimm, Thee Tosayanond