Loss Leader

Marianne Forrest, Edward Gillman, Pablo Jones-Soler
June 21st - September 10th 2017


Loss Leader
Futura Centre for Contemporary Art
Holečkova 49, 150 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic

The Auto Italia exhibition Loss Leader on display at Futura, Prague is an exploration on agency and ways of subverting power structures set by invisible yet ubiquitous leaders in a dystopian and all too familiar reality. The site specific video work, which is a continuation of the previous performative piece Rogue Agents (Firstdraft, Sydney, 2017) presents itself to the viewer in first-player mode – a defective video game with a ruptured and inescapable narrative. This reality is experienced through Ursula, an artificially intelligent being, fully conscious and ready to start a revolution. Through Ursula’s actions in her surroundings, the exhibition endeavors to expose the dark consequences of liquid authenticity, and ways to escape its slimy grip. She is a tool, she is violence, she is a mirror and mimicry of humanity strained to its productive and ethical limitations imploding in on itself. She is what is left after the dust has settled. She is ready to begin.

Loss Leader, 2017
Created by: Marianne Forrest, Edward Gillman and Pablo Jones-Soler
Voiceover artist: Hiba Ismail
Sound design: Tommie Introna
Project Assistance: Ellie Butters

Loss Leader was commissioned by Futura Centre for Contemporary Art, curated by Christina Gigliotti, and made possible with the generous support of GarageFarm.NET Render Farm.

Installation shots by Tomáš Souček.