Guided Tours

Bettina Brunner, Katie Guggenheim, Kathy Noble, Francesco Pedraglio
15th - 18th October 2009



a permanent project for Auto-Italia organised by Katie Guggenheim 


Three curators, Bettina Brunner, Kathy Noble and Francesco Pedraglio, present fictional guided tours of Auto Italia through the medium of writing. The guided tour, an established museological convention, is used here as a means to visit exhibitions that don’t exist. The tours were permanently available to visitors, as three alternatives to the exhibition on show, for as long as Auto Italia remained at its current location, an old Volkswagen garage which is awaiting demolition.


BETTINA BRUNNER has written a conversation between herself and Dan Graham based on interviews and the artist’s writings concerning architecture and space, which you can read in full HERE. Bettina is Exhibitions Co- ordinator at the BFI and a regular contributor to Frieze Magazine and Springerin.

KATHY NOBLE has reviewed an imaginary exhibition, addressing authenticity through performance and re-performance. Kathy is a writer and Assistant Curator at Tate Modern. Read Kathy’s text ‘To Be Real’ HERE, originally produced for the project.

FRANCESCO PEDRAGLIO will focus on the building itself, imagining possible pasts and futures. Francesco co-founded the curatorial project space FormContent, edits the quarterly fanzine The Mock and other superstitions, and is a London editor for Kaleidoscope.