27th March - 6 April 2008

Zayne Armstrong, Jennifer Bailey, Darren Banks, Mark Barker, Zoe Barker, Tristram Bellotti, Robert Bidder, Graham Bond, Suyra Buck, Ildiko Buckley, Helen Cocker, Laurence Collyer, Theo Cook, Mark Coutts-Smith, Juila Crabtree, Danielle Dean, William Evans, Francis Frederick, Jon Garlick, Jack George, Joseph Gibson, Katie Guggenheim, Eugenia Ivanissevich, Justin Jaeckle, Richard John Jones, Kiran Kaur, Robert Kiff, Simon Leahy, James Lewis, Mirah Lucas, Louisa Martin, Jamie Moakes, Fay Nicolson, Daniel Oliver, Molly Palmer, SiƓn Parkinson, Nick Roberts, Ryder and Prothero, Nick Smith, Maggie Tran, Scott Travis, Jen Walke, Graeme Walker, Dan White, Alistair Wildblood, Sarah Yates

Kate Cooper, Amanda Dennis, Rachel Pimm, Patrick Shier

Auto Italia opened in Peckham in March 2007 and after seven exhibitions over the past year we have relocated to the Old Kent Road. This enormous new space has fostered dreams of projects that are monumental in both scale and significance. In Epic we want to acknowledge this sense of over-ambition, but also express the importance of the project to us.

For the inaugural show at the new space the artists invited to participate all contribute in some way to the previous incarnation of Auto Italia South East, or to the development of the next stage in the life of the gallery. Creating an environment where artists can work with their peers in the exhibition and discussion of each other’s work is central to the role of the gallery. This show is an opportunity to explore the evolution of the gallery and the group of artists involved, and to expand this group by introducing the space to a wider audience.