Different Alibis

Tarek Lakhrissi, Ndayé Kouagou, Christelle Oyiri and Harilay Rabenjamina
23rd February 2019

Different Alibis are a means of claiming a place in the world. But which world? A world composed of magnetisms; of redefinitions of spaces and words through speech, movement or music. A new way for a generation born in the 1990s to attain a certain vulnerability. And a political means of opening up a toolbox to then develop critical perspectives. To have an alibi is a means of defence. To have an alibi is to be elsewhere. To have an alibi is to circumvent the rules. To sense a way out, mysteries to solve, newspeaks, queer, femme and people of color bodies that urge us to “feel” identities like magnetic fields. Not unlike dinner with a chosen family, this evening’s meal will (maybe) include a performance by Ndayé Kouagou entitled One side is rarely similar to the other, a screening of the short scifi movie Out of the Blue directed by Tarek Lakhrissi, a performance called TGK by Harilay Rabenjamina about an R&B group on the brink of implosion, and Christelle Oyiri will end the meal with her Collective Amnesia piece.

Be prepared for a superb catastrophe.

Tarek Lakhrissi (b.1992, France) is a visual artist, poet and writer based in Paris. He writes poetry and develops visual content aiming to challenge language and reflect upon the codification of affects through fiction. His works has been exhibited in art centers (Palais de Tokyo – Paris, Fondation Gulbenkian – Paris, Fondation Lafayette Anticipations – Paris, Bétonsalon – Paris, DOC ! – Paris, La Gaité Lyrique – Paris, Artexte – Montréal, CAC – Vilnius, Confort Moderne – Poitiers, Circa Projects – Newcastle), in universities (Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, McGill University and Concordia University – Montreal). He is cur­rently artist-in-res­i­dence and opens his first solo show at La Galerie, Centre d’Art Contemporain (Noisy-le-Sec, suburbs of Paris) on February 2019.

Ndayé Kouagou (born 1992, France), is a performance artist, writer and sound producer who live and work in Paris suburbs. His practice is mainly based around his musical production under his moniker Tanora and is now moving from sound to word. He describe his writing as “quite interesting but not really interesting, or maybe not interesting at all”. He debuted his performance work at Lafayette Anticipation in Paris for the launch of YBR* (Young Black Romantics) his self-published publication in which he released some of his own writing alongside other artist’s work.

Christelle Oyiri (also known as Crystallmess) is a DJ, producer, writer and multi-disciplinary artist. Her piece “Collective Amnesia : In Memory Of Logobi” is simultaneously the eulogy and the celebration of the logobi movement that was born between Ivory Coast and France’s banlieues in the mid-2000s. Logobi which is the first DIY and digital black diasporic phenomenon is France has never been documented before. In her quest for remembrance, Christelle Oyiri uses the fictional story of Helma and her amnesia to piece together the history of Logobi. Influenced by singer Douk Saga, afrofuturist pioneer Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky as well as the work of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit of the University of Warwick, her multidisciplinary practice allows her to tackle the subjects of experimental futurisms, digital culture, and the warm embrace of black secrecy. The work has been showcased at Lafayette Anticipations Paris – Cinema Nova in Brussels – Les Urbaines, Espace Arlaud in Lausanne Switzerland – La Gaité Lyrique, Paris.

Harilay Rabenjamina (born 1992). Through performance, film, music and photography, often combined in installations, he stages characters who declaim their existence. Human or not, these characters struggle with their artificiality –exposing their cultural, emotional and economical states. Embodied in 21st century digital media as well as in 19th century total artwork culture, the characters arouse the audience’s sentiments in an ultimate call for redemption. Since 2016, his work has been exhibited at Bazaar Compatible Program (Shanghai), Treize (Paris), Space 52 (Athens), Peach (Rotterdam) and Lafayette Anticipations (Paris). In 2017, his first solo show TRAG&DIE took place at Goswell Road in Paris.


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